CCSNH Workforce Training


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Training programs exist across nearly every industry sector in the state and can be customized to meet your needs.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing is a crucial industry to our state’s economy. It drives the creation of products and services ranging from mechanical parts to microscopic electronics components.

Automotive Technology

Automotive technology education programs are one of the most popular offerings across CCSNH. The automotive industry provides steady employment and employers in all corners of New Hampshire need qualified technicians.

Biomedical Technology

As a dynamic and growing sector of our economy, positions in biomedical technology can put people on the front lines of discovery and innovation. Fields include the pharmaceutical industry, clinical and research laboratories, the medical device industry, and more.

Business & Finance

Business and finance jobs and careers are abundant in New Hampshire and represent one of the state’s largest employment sectors. Career pathways include accounting, banking services, business finance, insurance, securities and investment, and more.


Clean Energy

Clean energy is a rapidly evolving and growing field that broadly focuses on developing and applying renewable energy technologies and systems for residential and commercial applications. Popular applications include solar, wind, biomass, geothermal energy, hydropower, and energy recovery processes.

Construction & Infrastructure

Careers in construction and infrastructure are numerous and offer many opportunities for advancement. Opportunities to develop and enhance skills in core trades, general contracting, civil engineering construction. and specialty trades exist in all corners of New Hampshire.


Education & Childcare

Education and childcare represent fields that play an instrumental role in nurturing our children and youth as they grow and mature. The field offers numerous opportunities to career starters and career changers, as well as opportunities for professional advancement while making significant impacts on the development of our next generation.

Information Technology

Information technology, or IT, is an essential field that involves using computers to store, share, secure, analyze or transmit information or data. It is how employees communicate, solve problems and make advancements in other sectors possible.


New Hampshire’s healthcare landscape is full of opportunities to make a difference while helping fellow citizens stay healthy. The Granite State’s aging population and advancements in medicine open doors for individuals looking to start or advance in a career in wide-ranging settings.


The Granite State’s hospitality workforce makes possible the countless experiences that bring millions of people to New Hampshire each year. There’s a role in hospitality for anyone to be part of a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene, outdoor recreation community, or many other tourism and service-related jobs.


Transportation & Infrastructure

Careers in transportation, distribution and logistics are involved in the planning, management, and movement of people, materials, and products, by road, air, rail, and water. These diverse opportunities also include diagnosis, maintenance and repair of automobiles, trucks, aircraft, and other transportation equipment that is essential to our infrastructure.

Additional Resources

  • Leadership training
  • Professional development
  • Career skills development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Teamwork and community skills
  • ESL-related business challenges
  • Software training
  • Customized business training

If you don’t see a clean fit for your training needs, we regularly craft custom programs. Contact us to discuss your needs.